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A Sandals Resorts Weddings® marries the wedding and the honeymoon, so after you've exchanged your vows, you can begin your happily ever after.

As an alternative, Sandals Resorts has partnered with local professional wedding photographers, each offering a unique style of photography.

We are one of the wedding photographer partners working with Sandals in Saint Lucia and would love to capture your special day. Please contact Sandals weddings department at 1-800-SANDALS and ext 4008 for bookings so that we can schedule your wedding date.​As one of Sandals partner photographers, all packages are done through Sandals. The wedding department will then contact us to confirm availability on the wedding date and then proceed with booking. They should help you clarify everything and guide you through your booking.

Our contract package are as follows; 4 hours of consecutive shooting, 200 minimum images on DVD which will be mailed to you from Sandals approximately 3-4 weeks after your wedding. An online viewer sent 3-4 days after your wedding to see some sample images from your special day. I can advise that the sun normally sets from about 6:00pm and then gets dark onward. So that is something to consider when doing your time schedules. We normally start our sessions with the couples one hour prior to the ceremony to capture those special getting ready moments.

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