saint lucia wedding photography

Wedding Dresses

"Getting one to match your body shape is essential"

So after months of browsing online, bridal shops, wedding magazines, Pinterest Pins you're ready to commit to that wedding dress you've always been dreaming of. ​There are many different styles of wedding dresses and getting one to match your body shape is essential and very important. Often we get brides who seem to get a bit flustered and frustrated with the type of  dress they are wearing. From constantly pulling, nudging or twisting to just getting tired by the shear weight of the dress especially before the actual formal photography session has began. From the popular Princess Wedding Dress to the exquisite Ball Gown Wedding Dress, be mindful not just of your body type and comfort in the dress but elements of the day. Location can determine how comfortable you are in moving around after the ceremony for formals and reception e.g the beach or resort. Also how long you would you be rocking your dress from 2 hour weddings to 10 hours make sure you make the right choice. Fittings are a must if you can and also recommend blogs and online resources for " which wedding dress is right for me"  

St. Lucia's Best Wedding Photography Experience

saint lucia wedding photography
saint lucia wedding photography

So you're getting married in Saint Lucia..

General Wedding Tips 

Stay Hydrated

"our islands natural coconut water"

Sometimes nothing goes down so good on a hot day than St Lucia's very own Piton beer or even that special rum punch to put that extra " punch" while on a fun boat ride down to Soufriere or on a Saint Lucian lime exploring the more popular Friday Nights Road Jam at Gros Islet. It is really important that during your stay on the island that you keep hydrated as it gives that extra glow to the skin and gives the body that much needed energy to keep up with your favorite wedding photographer. So in between those delightful beers and rums we can suggest our islands natural coconut water freshly cut, some tasty island tropical fruits and some good old H2O water.  Remember a day or two before your wedding day keep hydrated and don't take in too many of our delightful alcoholic treats as sometimes you may feel sluggish on your day and your eyes may be to  red and squinty from that hungover.

Getting married in Saint Lucia should be a fun, adventurous and romantic experience. We have been shooting weddings for over 5 years now and we have seen a lot through the years. Every bride would love the perfect wedding day, and like anything weddings can be very unpredictable. Each one carries with it it's own storyline. As to how your day goes we can only wish the best and embrace the ups and downs to make it a unique  story telling and wonderful day. There are however some tips we would love to share from our photography experiences to make your day the best day possible minus some little hiccups that may very well make or break that lifetime experience.

Tan Lines

"Keep that sunscreen close by"

It's easy to get caught up taking in those sun rays for that golden tan before the ​wedding day. Be mindful though while relaxing on our beautiful beaches as tan lines can be very distracting in your photos and videos especially with the type of wedding dress you are wearing. Keep that sun screen close by while under the shade of a tree or umbrella. Tan lines can also sneak up around the eyes especially with shades on during the day. They may be the last place you would think of so watch out for those little suckers during your out and about on the island. Large hats and caps would help curb those golden rays from hitting the face and of course after the wedding day we urge you don't hold back on fun in the sun.